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International Opinions (and My Own) about Trump

What with today being the day of the primaries, and with the way the US Presidential election is shaping up, I thought that I would do a post about the candidate that everyone is talking about. According to the Washington Post, the international community is just as stumped as the rest of us when it comes to Donald Trump’s popularity.

Unlike 2008’s election when most of the western world seemed support Obama, most developed countries are incredible confused with the surging poll numbers. For the most part, newspapers in England, Scotland, and Australia seem to say the same things: Trump believes his wealth and history as a reality tv star should make him president, even though he lacks any practical political experience.

Trump on reasons he should be president

Some people might say that the international community should mind their own business. And to some extent there is some truth to that, because we Americans are the ones who are going to bear the  brunt of the decisions that whoever our president may turn out to be. But it is very important to note that Foreign Policy is becoming even more of a foremost issue this election year. After all, with the rise of ISIS, and the continued existence of other terrorist organizations–not to mention the fact that their influence is spreading to citizens of our country, growing unrest in African nations (not that any of the politicians have actually talked about it, but I think they should), and immigration issue. With all of this going on, it is easy to see why a competent, level-headed, but tactical and strong president would be ideal. So why on earth is TRUMP one of the forerunners?

With the close of the Obama administration, and the other candidates either praising or denouncing his work (and the theme of foreign policy) and one can’t help but make comparisons. Undeniably, Obama’s most notable domestic policy has been the expansion of universal healthcare in the United States, which has helped thousands of previously uninsured Americans and has finally put us among the ranks of other developed nations (all of which already had universal healthcare). But there were other accomplishments, especially in the realm of foreign policy. The death of Osama bin Laden, the DREAM act that helps immigrant children succeed in America, and the nuclear deal with Iran that, in theory, will limit the weapons that the country has and the effects of which remain to be seen.

Trump, however, fails to even put forth tactical, logical, strategies for dealing with foreign policy issues. It isn’t all that surprising, considering that he has no political experience. But I think anyone worth their salt would agree that we will need something a little more feasible and diplomatic that “carpetbombing the entire Middle East” and “building a huge wall between the US and Mexico to keep out all the rapist and criminals that Mexico is sending here.” And yes, for some people, these are feasible and even advantageous suggestions for dealign with foreign policy. But there are some holes in the logistics. After all, how is Trump exactly going to ‘make’ the Mexican government pay for a wall between us and them, especially after he has made some incredibly racist and offensive comments? How are we going to afford to carpetbomb the entire Middle East if we aren’t even supposed to spend money on healthcare for our own citizens, or social security for our elderly? Oh, and isn’t Israel our ally?

Trump on Mexican immigrants
Trump on Mexican immigrants
Trump on Muslim immigration (this action is unconstitutional)
Trump on Muslim immigration (this action is unconstitutional)

Not to mention that some countries have even been talking seriously about banning Donald Trump form coming to their countries. Kind of difficult to conduct foreign policy when you physically cannot go to the country because they hate your xenophobic opinions so much? 100,000 signatures were needed for the issue to be taken seriously by Parliament. Nearly 600,000 were collected. The UK has banned other characters they find “appalling,” including Terry Jones (a US pastor that hosted a Quran-burning) and ex Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan Stephen Black. Seems like great company for Trump.

By now it’s obvious that I don’t like Donald J. Trump. He seems like a man who is ignorant of the struggles of others and is content to remain so. He doesn’t care about the issues of the poor–how could he, when he cannot relate and doesn’t even try? He doesn’t care about the lives of Black, Latino, and female American citizens, let alone those of Syrian refugees and immigrants fleeing violence in Central America. He doesn’t care about the disabled. The only group left for him to care about are rich white guys like him. And the problem I have with him is that usually, ignorance of this kind is small and few and far between. But now he wears the face of this kind of ignorance, and he hides the true damage that his words do behind “entertainment” and money, and those who follow him usually display ignorance of this kind. And now they are united under offensiveness disguised as “frankness” and knee-jerk responses disguised as “wit” and insults hurled at other members of his party as “strength.”

Trump on a Debate Moderator who pressed him on the issues

Now, whether people agree with me or not, my opinion of him matters. But so does the opinion of the international community because we cannot be and international community if our leader goes off and isolated our country from all others in the world because of how he is only concerned with the publicity and the circus quality of the election and not with actual substance.

So get out there an vote for a leader who can keep America moving forward and progressing, not somehow “making us great again” by taking us backwards.