Global Engagement in My Future Career

I would like to work for the United Nations one day. I haven’t decided whether I would like to pursue a career as a Humanitarian Aid Officer or in the Legal Department, but I know that I would like to work for the United Nations for several reasons.

Aside from the fact that I am very passionate about global issues that affect innocent citizens of many areas of the world, I am aware that the United Nations’ noteworthy efforts has arguably decreased over the years, and I would like to be part of a revival that will benefit many still struggling peoples around the world.

My involvement with the Global Engagement Fellows will prove that I have a global interest in not only global political affairs but also in the cultures of people who live in countries very different from my own. The fact that I will have travelled abroad and will have had the experiences that are instrumental in opening one’s mind to the thoughts and feelings of others will also certainly help me secure a career at the UN. I think that the Global Engagement Fellows program will be very impactful in my career pursuits because it shows that even before entering college that I have been passionate about global issues, and that it has been a lifelong interest.

I want to travel to areas where the people are underrepresented on a global scale. I want to be able to say that I have gone and have insight that will no doubt be an asset in globally centered career.

One thought on “Global Engagement in My Future Career

  1. Alona, I think it is great that you are already so interested in joining the United Nations! It’s great that the Global Engagement Program will show how passionate you are about global affairs. I am also interested in a global career. I would like to eventually join the Peace Corps and also later work for Doctors Without Borders! I love your blog header too!!

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