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I liked learning to put together a digital story, it’s always good to learn new skills. And of course, I can use these skills in future for any creative assignments I may receive. I actually had a lot of fun putting my digital story together, and even though it was a lot of work, I am very proud of the result.

I was very worried about my digital story because the rubric on D2L seemed to be tailored more towards stories that were about people’s experiences abroad or people’s international friends. I didn’t have either of these things. I have never been outside of the country, and I don’t have any international friends that I feel I am close enough to do an entire story about.

So instead, I wrote about something that I think is something that could help international students and citizens feel better about embracing their culture in the US. Cultural appropriation is a big deal because the idea that a privileged class can make a joke or make shallow attempts to copy people’s culture, but the people whose culture is being copied are victims of stereotypes because of it or are worse off in society because of it, is just wrong.

And I am very proud that I addressed it in the digital story, because I think it is important for the international community to feel that American citizens respect them and their cultures. I know that it may be unorthodox and that maybe some people will dislike it or disagree, but I am pleased with the finished product and I hope everyone keeps an open mind and enjoys my story.

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  1. Actually, your digital story idea sounds really interesting. Cultural appropriation is something I at least feel that I don’t know enough about, so I look forward to seeing the video in class. Also, I really like your blog’s name.

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