OU Cousins – S’more Night

This year is my last year as a member of OU Cousins. I have always liked participating in this group. I like meeting new people and helping other students feel welcome at OU. OU Cousins is a group where a lot of different people find themselves, even the OU students who participate are pretty diverse, from all different majors and backgrounds.

Because I’m doing an Honors research paper, and taking a full course load, and working, and preparing for the LSAT and applying for law schools, I haven’t had a lot of free time to devote to OU Cousins. Not like I want to anyway. But this week I invited a friend from work to go to the S’more Night event. He also likes meeting new people and learning about other cultures. Both of us studied abroad last semester so we know what it’s like to be in a new country for school.


IMG_5901 IMG_5899

I think that my experience as an exchange student myself really gave me another perspective on OU Cousins. When I was in France, I would have been totally lost without my UCA “cousin” Carole. She spoke English and French, so she really helped me enroll and find out where my classes were. I think we don’t have as much language utility here, just because the majority of the American population is monolingual, so we might not be able to go back and forth and be a liaison for our cousins in the traditional sense, like Carole was for me. But I still was able to realize the impact that OU Cousins can have for international students.

My OU cousin for this year hasn’t really been in contact, but I still think that this organization does important work that doesn’t feel like work. Like with my OU Cousin last year, Céline, it just felt like friendship. That’s really what’s important.

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